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Briones is a villa located in the autonomous community of La Rioja. Located 36 km from Logroño, capital of the province, and 7 km from Haro, a city of the region.

The medieval town is declared a historic-artistic, with cobbled streets, surrounded by palaces and stately homes set.

Located right on a meander of the Ebro river that separates the provinces of La Rioja and Alava. Protected from the winds is the Cantabrian Mountains, the closer our Toloño mountain that protects us from inclement weather.

Monuments and Interesting Places

As with other municipalities riojanos, Briones offers visitors a cultural heritage closely related to religious cults and architecture, witnesses of a past that is still remembered in their festivities:

  • Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, dating from the sixteenth century, following the parameters of the Gothic and Renaissance style. In the interios value can be seen retablos.

  • Hermitages, on the other hand, are a great attraction for the common stock of visitors. Examples of Briones hermitages of Christ or the church of the Holy Martyrs.

  • In the tour of the village of Briones, visitors can see the town center, with its own samples of civil architecture, such as the Palace of Marqués de San Nicolas or the House of Gadea.

  • It can be emphasized in the history of the town and its origins dating back to the Bronze Age, which has been demonstrated the existence of these early settlers.

Festive Days and Traditions

  • The Medieval Days, held the third weekend in June, where representations of life and customs of the time are made and where all the people are involved.

  • The Feast of Christ of the Remedios, held the third Sunday of September.

  • The celebrations of the Holy Martyrs, celebrated on August 31.

Touristic Map

1. The St. Nicholas Marquises Palace

2. The Assumption Church

3. The Gadea´s Big House

4. "El Puntal" in Torreón fences

5. Ruins of Moorish castle

6. The Ville Gate

7. The Quincoceses Big House

8. Chapel of Christ